Stripe Hint: How to set up a "statement_descriptor" for Stripe charges?

Easy! Statement descriptor that is usually displayed in the customer's credit card statement can be changed for all the orders, processed by One Click Upsells gateways.

We have a filter for this "gb_wc_1cu_stripe_charge_short_data"

Put this code into your theme's "functions.php":

function gb_wc_1cu_stripe_statement_descriptor( $order ) 
 // you can get the order id like this $order->get_id();

 return array( 'statement_descriptor' => 'Custom descriptor for order #' . $order->get_id()  ); 
add_filter( 'gb_wc_1cu_stripe_charge_short_data', 'gb_wc_1cu_stripe_statement_descriptor' );